New Leader of Your Club Program. Here are 10 Top Things to do to be Successful !!!

New Leader of Your Club Program.
Here are 10 Top Things to do to be Successful !!!

Are you a New Leader in your club program?  Did your predecessor forgot to leave instructions on how to run the club?  Here are 10 Top Organizational Things to be successful.

Top 10 organizational tips:

  1. BINDER create a team binder/folder, which includes: game cards/roster, important information, and contacts.
  2. COMMUNICATE communicate to your team as needed (daily, weekly, reminders when necessary, etc.).
  3. INVOLVEMENT involve all those who want to be involved (create roles that will help the organization).
  4. DELEGATE delegate duties to people who are committed to the club.
  5. DEADLINES set deadlines and get it done by setting priorities.
  6. ROUTINES routines are important; keep everything in the same place/order.
  7. CALENDAR know what dates are important due to finals, travel availability, and holidays.
  8. PAYMENTS make sure the treasurer and one other board member (Pres/VP) know what is available and due.
  9. UPDATE keep information as fresh as possible so that people don't have a need to "reinvent the wheel".
  10. ASSESS constantly check if the tips are working, change as needed and improve system(s). 

“This sounds simple, but time after time teams forgot to these things.” states Carlos Hernandez, WCSA Events Director. “Teams that follow these easy guidelines can bypass all the headaches that can come with running a club program.” If you have any questions these principals please email